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The Complete 9 Week Double Bass Drumming Course


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42 instructional videos, complete course workbook and much more

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Finally learn how to play controlled, fast and tight double bass!



Follow our 17 guided workout routines and improve on a daily basis

Have you tried different foot techniques, but none of them really got you the expected results?

Learning a new technique can be difficult - that's why we focus on developing each motion by constant repetition. Internalizing the right motion through constant repetition is the key to success.

Foot techniques

How does Bass Drum Mastery work?

You get the first 6 tutorial videos right after you sign up. Each week, 4-6 more instructional and workout videos will be unlocked in the membership zone. After 9 weeks all videos will be unlocked and you can watch them over and over again.

What makes this online course special and so different from other learning programs or drum DVDs?

It's a crazy fact that NO double-bass drumming course out on the market teaches you step-by-step how to develop the muscle groups necessary, how to develop muscle control, the importance of pedal settings, the tension & relaxation principle and so on...

The great news is that YOU can play tight, controlled, powerful double-bass by just adapting the techniques and principles which are explained in Bass Drum Mastery.

Foot techniques

Have you spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials or drum DVDs without significantly improving your technique and getting the desired results?

Bass Drum Mastery focuses on the most productive way of getting better: Deliberate Practice. Every necessary movement will be developed by constant repetition, which helps you to store the right technique in your muscle memory.

Included Bonus Features

Full workout package

This course includes 17 full double bass technique workouts. All you have to do is follow these workouts and constantly check back if you are copying the exact motion shown in those videos. This constant repetition is the key element to store the right motion to your muscle memory.

Workout Ebook + Workout Clicktrack Package

You will find every single exercise and workout explained in the included course pdf workbook. All additional workout clicktracks can be downloaded as well.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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